Vallar’s Pro-Motor product is a forward-thinking alternative to traditional car insurance that lets you be protected after the event.

Insurance is a costly product. Insurers will charge you upfront premiums, regardless of you making a claim. The average S.M.A.R.T vehicle repair cost is $2500, what if you are paying this in premium every year, but have never made a claim? That’s where Vallar Pro-Motor fits in.

Our after the event model was made to handle not at fault claims. You apply after the event, if we accept your claim, we arrange your vehicle repairs and provide you with a replacement vehicle for as long as your vehicle is off the road, with the peace of mind that we will cover the cost.

Vallar lets you choose from over 300 different repairers. They’re all high-quality, certified repairers. Many repairers already are preferred and recommended by the larger brand insurers.

Every replacement vehicle comes from rent24. Once you acknowledge the critical information summary, the Rent24 reservations Team helps you coordinate delivery or pickup.

You will be indemnified for the cost of the Replacement Vehicle, these costs will be recovered from the at fault party or their insurance company. So long as you comply with the Terms and Conditions, there will be no cost to you other than fuel, tolls, fines and other associated hire costs.

Vallar is able to provide a wide range of vehicles to suit your requirements. We will discuss your needs and where possible help put you in a similar class of vehicle to the one damaged in the accident.

Once your application is approved, we will contact you to arrange the pickup or delivery of your replacement vehicle.

You can continue to enjoy the use of the replacement vehicle for the duration of your repair, or if your vehicle is a total loss, until you receive a settlement payment. We may require that you return the replacement vehicle earlier, but we will let you know if that required.

As outlined in our terms and conditions, you will need to assist by providing information and documentation required by us. On rare occasions this may include providing statements and appearing in court if necessary.

Yes, we will ask for a copy of your driver licence and registration certificate to support your application.

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