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Want to meet the drivers of tomorrow? Vallar drives you work from the growing tech-centric population.

Vallar delivers a new kind of customer.

Today’s consumers search and buy everything through their phones. Vallar is able to intervene and it offers an alternative claims route. One call takes care of everything from roadside towing, claim lodgement, booking repairs and arranging a suitable replacement.

Vallar provides consumers with an alternative to traditional car insurance.

Vallar offers a after the event solution without the customer needing to pay substantial insurance premiums upfront. Drivers can use Vallar after they have been involved in a not at fault incident whether they have insurance or not.

Vallar builds relationships.

Meet your customers more often. Vallar customers can come back to you, and we ask them to come back to see you when they have small incidental scratches, scrapes and dents. That means you build deeper relationships with happy customers.

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Success in today’s auto repair industry means staying two steps ahead of change. That’s why we’re proud to serve a growing network of the nation’s most innovative and customer-focused repairers. Join us and learn how Vallar is the new way to drive more work.


Reach, convert and fulfil customer week in week out.

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